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    MORGAN (John)
    A Discourse upon the Institution of Medical Schools in America

    in-8, Philadelphia, William Bradford, 1765

    [Blaise de Vigenère]
    A Discourse of Fire and Salt, discovering many secret Mysteries, as well Philosophicall, as Theologicall [translated by Edward Stephens]

    Richard Cotes, 1649, petit in-4

    GELLIBRAND (Henry)
    A DISCOURSE MATHEMATICALL on the VARIATION of the MAGNETICALL NEEDLE. Together with its admirable DIMINUTION lately discovered, etc.

    petit in-4, W. Jones, 1635

    BOHUN (Ralph)
    A Discourse concerning the Origine and Properties of Wind. With an Historicall Account of Hurricanes, and other Tempestuous Winds

    Oxford, W. Hall for Tho. Bowman, 1671, petit in-8

    AIKEN (Arthur) ; Rochemont Aiken (Charles)
    A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, With an Account of the Processes Employed in Many of the Most Important Chemical Manufactures.

    London, Printed for John and Arthur Arch, Cornhill; and William Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1807-1814, 2 vol. in-4

    A Descriptive Catalogue of Quadrupeds and Birds. Collected and Preserved in the British American Colonies.

    [London): Darton, Harvey and Darton, 1817 in-12

    STEPEHNSON (George)
    A Description of the Safety Lamp, invented by George Stephenson ... To which is added, an Account of the Lamp constructed for Sir Humphrey Davy

    in-8, For Baldwin, Cradock and Joy, 1817

    PHILLIPS (William)
    A Description of the Oxyd of Tin, the Production of Cornwall; of the Primitive Crystal and its Modifications, including an Attempt to ascertain with Precision, the Admeasurement of the Angles, by means of the Reflecting Goniometer of Dr. Wollanston:...

    London, Printed for the Geologicall Society by William Phillips, 1814

    A DESCRIPTION OF THE GENUS PINUS, with directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species; also descriptions of many other new species of the family of Coniferae

    2 vol., in-8, 1832

    A DESCRIPTION OF THE GENUS PINUS, illustrated with figures, directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species, also descriptions of many other new species of the family of conifera: ..., to which is added an...

    3 vol., in-folio, 1828-1837

    LAMBERT (Aylmer Bourke)
    A description of the genus pinus, illustrated with figures ...

    London, 1803-1824, 2 vol. in-folio

    NAPIER (John)
    A Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithmes ... translated into English by ... Edward Wright

    in-12, [N. Okes] for S. Waterson, 1618

    GLAUBER (Johann Rudolph)
    A Description of new Philosophical Furnaces, or a new Art of Distilling ... Whereunto is added a Description of the Tincture of Gold ... also, the first part of the Mineral Work

    petit in-4, Richard Coats for Tho. Williams, 1651-52

    GLAUBER (John Rudolph)
    A Description of New Philosophical Furnaces, Or A new Art of Distilling …

    petit in-4, London, Richard Coats for Thomas Williams, 1651

    HOOKE (Robert)
    A Description of Helioscopes, and some other Instruments

    in-4, T. R. for John Martyn, 1676

    HULLS (Jonathan)
    A Description and Draught of a new-invented Machine for carrying Vessels or Ships out of, or into any Harbour, Port, or River

    in-12, For the Author, 1737

    SMITH (William)
    A Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales, with Part of Scotland; exhibiting the Collieries and Mines, the Marshes and Fen Land originally overflowed by the Sea, and the Varieties of Soil according to the Variations in the Substrata,...

    London, published by J. Cary, 1 August 1815, Gr. in-folio

    SMITH (William)
    A Delineation of the Strata of England and Wales, with part of Scotland

    carte (env. 27 x 17 cm), 1815

    [BERKELEY (George)]
    A DEFENCE of FREE-THINKING in MATHEMATICS, in Answer to a Pamphlet of Philalethes Cantabrigiensis, intituled, ' Geometry no Friend to Infidelity ' ; also APPENDIX concerning Mr. Walton's Vindication of the Principles of Fluxions, by the AUTHOR of the...

    in-8, 1735

    HILL (John)
    A decade of curious and elegant trees and plants, drawn after specimens received from the East Indies and America.

    London, 1773, in-folio·

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